Young Professionals Donate Playground in Memory Stricken Teenager

GREENSBURG, Pa. – Rotary of Westmoreland: A Young Professionals Club, received a matching grant from Rotary District 7330 to provide funding for the construction of a playground for Little Mozart’s Expressive Arts Preschool and Daycare. The new preschool and daycare, located at the corner of Huff Ave. and Broad St. in South Greensburg, will name the playground in memory of D.J. Albright, a 15 year-old struck by a train while visiting his family in Derry, Pa. this past July.

Rotary District 7330, which encompasses Cambria, Indiana, Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, and Greene counties, offers matching grants each year to Rotary clubs throughout the district to support short-term humanitarian projects that benefit local communities. “Awarding this grant is a testament to the thoughtful and innovative approach that our club takes each year to support our community,” said Autumn DeLellis, president of Rotary of Westmoreland. “In a time when private and government funding is diminishing for cultural centers and daycares alike, Little Mozart’s Expressive Arts Daycare and Preschool was just the right project to support. ”

The new school, built in a commercial building, had inadequate green space. As a result, Executive Director and Founder, Mary McCormack, built the playground on part of an already existing parking lot near the building. The new playground required safety features, such as concrete reinforcements to protect children from the danger of the busy intersection.

“The future of Little Mozart’s will definitely be bolstered by the presence of the playground, as this is an expectation and a fundamental need for a daycare to provide safe and nearby outdoor play. Without the Rotary’s help, the playground would probably have been delayed in building until the spring,” said McCormack.

Little Mozart’s is a subsidiary of Alabaster productions, a non-profit musical performance and service organization founded by Mary McCormack in 1991. The new pre-school and daycare will feature, in addition to its curriculum, classes in music, dance, art, and theatre. Students of the new center will perform on stage in the adjoining professional theatre supported by Alabaster.

For more information about Little Mozart’s, please contact Mary McCormack at 724-875-6360.

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