Trike & Chug – Adult Tricycle Fun Race!

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Trike & Chug puts you in the driver’s seat of an adult sized trike and brings you back to when you were a kid!

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Trike & Chug is the latest installment from Rotary of Westmoreland, the group that brought you the ever-popular Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl, the dangerously fun Dodge for a Cause Dodgeball tournament, and your garden variety Zombie Apocalypse airsoft tournament. Rotary of Westmoreland continues to create innovative events and stay on the cutting edge of fun, all while raising money and awareness for local non-profits organizations. Trike & Chug is the latest and greatest event to hit the pavement – literally! You won’t want to miss these three wheels!


Variety the Children’s Charity began the “My Bike” program to provide adaptive bicycles to children with disabilities in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. An adaptive bike costs about $1,800, and for many families, that cost is too high. That’s why Rotary of Westmoreland decided to get involved.

Trike & Chug is an adult take on the childhood fun of the tricycle. We’ve put together a fun and family friendly event to help raise awareness for Variety and their “My Bike” program. The goal of Trike & Chug is to raise enough funds to purchase two adaptive bikes for two children with disabilities in Westmoreland County.


Webster defines a TRIKE as “a tricycle.” FYI the Urban Dictionary has a very different take on Trikes (NSFW!) We guarantee Webster had no clue just how awesome riding a tricycle could be!  These trikes are certifiably fantastic; think of the Barbie or GI Joe one you had as a kid.  If you thought riding around a cul-de-sac was fun you are in for the ride of your life on these!


Set in the large parking lot of the Olde Spitfire Grille in South Greensburg, our course is wild and will give you the ride of your life!

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Run What You Brung- $25

Limited to 15 contestants. 3 trikes per heat, 5 heats. The 3 slowest contestants will run a consolation race. The 3 fastest will enter the Finals. Trike Must be a 3-wheeled vehicle powered by human locomotion designed for use by a child. Best of Show trike award!

Team Chug Relay – $100 per team

Limited to 12 teams of 4 contestants (48 contestants). 3 trikes per heat, 4 heats. The 3 slowest teams will run a consolation race. The 3 fastest will enter the Finals. Rotary of Westmoreland will provide the trikes and safety equipment. Each team member must chug a Rivertown beer and swap helmet, knee pads, elbow pads before each lap. Foul play will incur a time penalty. Best costumes rewarded!

Monster Trike Pulls – $25

Limited to 10 contestants. 2 trikes per heat, 5 heats. Weighted sled pulls with the finals determined by the 2 fastest pulls. Finals will be a distance challenge with progressive weight event.

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