I am Rotary: Video Interview with Autumn Stankay

I joined [Rotary] for the networking, but I stayed for the friendships. We are like a family.


Meet Autumn Stankay!


Autumn Stankay joined Rotary four years ago to meet new people and give back to her own community which supports her local business, SkySight Photography.  Autumn’s involvement in the Rotary of Westmoreland includes the creation of the Art Auction for Clelian Heights, which the Westmoreland Rotary held for two years. She was held the presidency of the club during the 2009-10 Rotary year. Doing charity work through Rotary has inspired Autumn to create a charity project of her own, taking photographs of cancer patients, called Facing Hope. She also has expanded her community work to be involved with other non-profit organizations, including her board membership of the Blackburn Center Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

As owner of SkySight Photography, Autumn has over 10 years of experience working with babies, children, families & a variety of other clients ranging from models to business owners. She operates out of her innovative facility in downtown Greensburg, utilizing her custom studio environments to capture unique images of her clients that accentuate their individual personalities. Autumn’s fine art photography is part of Stankay Photography, a creative partnership she formed with her husband Bill Stankay. A global collection, Stankay Photography contains a wide selection of artwork created in some of the world’s most exotic locations, including Morocco, Venice, Iceland, Alaska, France & the Arctic region of Svalbard.