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Rotary Club Adopts 6 Giving Garden Beds

Rotary of Westmoreland has sponsored 6 garden beds at the Hempfield Church of Christ "Giving Gardens." Sponsors of Giving Gardens weed and till the garden beds, plant their crops, and are responsible for maintaining and growing them to maturity. The crops will be harvested throughout the summer and fall and donated to the Westmoreland County food bank Fresh Express program, Operation Fresh Express:

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Aaron Tuscan named “Rotarian of the Year” 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Tuscan (Rotary of Westmoreland) and Owen P. Standley (Rotary Club of Richland) for being named our District's Rotarians of the Year at this weekend's Conference. Thank you for going the extra mile to help Rotary Make a Difference! Aaron has been a member of Westmoreland Rotary since 2009. He joined after moving to Latrobe with his wife Kim, who is also a member. His interest in Rotary began long before joining and was influenced

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Two Rotarians Recognized as “Unsung Hero’s”

Two of our very own members were recognized during 2018 district conference as unsung heros. Congratulations to Dan Howell and Rebecca Hagen! The selfless work you do in the name of our club and Rotary as a whole is so very appreciated and deserving of this recognition. We are so fortunate to have you :)

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